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     SYMPOSIUM 2018
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Monday, March 26, 2018:

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AOCM - Nav Canada

Terry Ferguson 

Terry has 37 years of experience with Transport Canada & Nav Canada in Flight Services and Air Traffic Control. His career has taken him to Thompson, Resolute Bay, Thunder Bay, and many other locations. He was involved in major projects such as the creation of the Flight Information Centers and the redesign of Winnipeg's airspace.  He is currently a shift Manager at the Area Control Center tasked with managing the Winnipeg Control Tower and Winnipeg Terminal Control Unit at the ACC. He is also involved in the current project to redesign STARS in the Winnipeg area.

WSDRS/AD Development John Grenier / Transport Canada

Airports Capital Assistant Program - Warren Walrond - Transport Canada

The ACAP is now entering its third decade of providing federal funds to assist eligible regional/local airports finance capital projects that will maintain and improve safety.  Over the last couple of years the program has started evolving to better serve its clients.  This presentation will discuss some of those changes.

Bio:  Warren Walrond has been the national manger of the ACAP program for the last four years. Previous to that Warren worked as a policy advisor with Transport Canada's Airports Policy group.  In addition to his public service Warren spent over ten years in the private sector in the United States and Canada working in the basic materials industry.  Warren holds a bachelor’s degree as well as a  Masters degree, both in economics.

Topic: Safety Management Systems 2.0 - Fred Petrie - Navigator Services

It is this broad experience in the theory and on the frontline that informs his presentation on SMS 2.0.  What have we learned over the past dozen years and what is the route forward?

Bio: Fredrick Petrie is a life-long aviator, from an air force family to a tour as a navigator in ASW over the Atlantic in the Cold War. He returned to University of Manitoba, graduating from Commerce (Honours), and has continued a life-long-learner, most recently in pre-doctoral studies in organizational learning. His forty year civil aviation career has included airlines, airports and general aviation. He has held senior policy positions in Transport Canada working on deregulation and with Manitoba during the restructuring of the airline industry where he also authored the Provincial Airports Plan. As the first Executive Director of the Manitoba Aviation Council from 2000 through 2005, he was at the forefront of SMS development from Transport Canada’s initial introduction of the SMS concept through organizing training and advocating for the performance approach to regulation. As President of a part 705 airline, he participated in the introduction of SMS as the company’s Accountable Executive. More recently, as a private operator of a Certified Airport, he again became an Accountable Executive, developing and implementing SMS for a part 302 Certificate. His continuing consulting practice in auditing and advising certificate holders on regulatory compliance has provided experience with other approaches to SMS requirements.

Fatigue Management Fred Jones / Helicopter Association of Canada

King Air Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques      Robert Horne / Textron Aviation Inc.

AME Licence Recognition in the Canadian Armed Forces - Dylan Lee - Canadian Forces

How the AME license is credited toward service in the RCAF will be discussed. Further discussion will include opportunities for full time employment for aircraft maintainers in the military system. There will be a focus on part-time service and the synergies this service can bring to an AME’s full time employer.

Bio:  Warrant Officer Dylan has a mixture of full time and part time service in the RCAF as an Avionics Technician and Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent over the last 29 years. Concurrent with his previous part time military service, he served as an Avionics Technician and Team Leader with Air Canada Technical Services. After two Afghan tours, Dylan is currently employed as the Senior Recruiter for Manitoba and North West Ontario.

Topic: Aircraft Battery Airworthiness - Dave Schiavone- Concorde Battery

The battery is the heart of the aircraft. Concorde presents the different battery technologies available, safety, lead acid aircraft battery ratings, commissioning of lead acid aircraft batteries and the maintenance process, best practices of servicing and charging, maximizing the life of your battery, cleaning & storage, installation eligibility.   This course is worth one hour of FAA credit

Bio:  Dave is responsible for managing battery products and support to Concorde distributors and fleets. He has been anaviation professional since his service in the military in aircraft maintenance. Dave is a 22 year veteran of the US NAVY & US Air Force National Guard. Throughout the 1980’s and beyond he has worked with Aero Quality Sales (AQS) and Aviall Services, Inc., as a Battery Shop Manager, and distribution representative, then on to technical support at Saft America Inc., responsible for distribution sales as well as battery training for North America and Mexico. Dave is a continued supporter and member of many aviation organizations and is currently a board member of Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association, W.A.M.A. Mr. Schiavone is an experienced public speaker and a presenter of aircraft battery maintenance to technical groups throughout the world. He is also a published author of the autobiographical book, Peace on Third. We are pleased to announce that Dave joined Concorde Battery Corporation in the summer of 2016. 

 Topic: Piston Ignition System Maintenance - Zach Lincolnhol  -  Champion Aerospace

This 50 minute presentation will cover the basics of Slick Magneto maintenance including recent Service Letters, Service Bulletins, and Maintenance Manual updates as well as procedures for the 500 hour inspection.

Bio:  Zach was born and raised in South Carolina where he took his first flight at age 13 and received his Private Pilot’s license at age 17. He is a graduate of Davenport University where he received a minor in Aviation Flight and a major in Business Administration. After 2000 hours of logged flight time, Zach  began working as a manufacturer’s representative. He is currently responsible for the worldwide sales and service of Piston Ignition Systems for Champion Aerospace. Zach currently lives in Greenville, SC.

PT6A Hot Section Inspection Overview - Patrick Guerreiro - Standard Aero

This presentation will outline the PT6A HSI procedure and common component conditions

Bio: Patrick Guerreiro has been with the PT6A Service Engineering group at StandardAero for the last 6 years, primarily providing PT6A technical support for both internal and external customers.  Patrick holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Option) from the University of Manitoba and has been passionate about aviation all of his life. In addition to his day job at StandardAero, Patrick is a private pilot and has 8 years of ground school instruction experience at a local flight school.

Topic: Fixed Wing Search & Rescue in MB - Eva Martinez - Provincial Aerospace Ltd

Bio:  Eva Martinez is the Vice-President of In-Service Support at PAL Aerospace.  Her primary focus is the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue contract for the Airbus CC295.  Eva is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Management with a specialty in Aerospace.  Following a 13-year career in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a senior Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer, she has spent the last 15 years in the aerospace and defence sector in progressive leadership roles. 

Eva is presently on the Board of Directors (as Vice President) for Women in Aerospace Canada and has started a branch in the Maritimes in an effort to expand women’s opportunities for leadership and career development in the aerospace community and further grow the professional network across the country.  Eva is also an active member of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Associations (ACADA) – an organization focused on advancing the Atlantic Provinces’ aerospace, marine and defence industries.

Marijuana in the Workplace Tracey L. Epp / Pitblado LLP

Millennials in the Aviation Workplace - Allistair Carrothers

Millennials in the Aviation Industry looks at how the changing demographics are and will continue to effect the aviation industry. The intent of this lecture is to provide those in managerial roles better insight to the difference in work attitudes seen in todays young adults. Further discussion of ways to motivate and retain talented individuals from this generation is examined.

Bio:  Allistair holds a Master’s degree in Aviation Human Factors and is a pilot for Fast Air Executive Aviation in Winnipeg. He has 3000 hours of flight experience, primarily in Northern Manitoba. Allistair teaches human factors, CRM, ground schools, and assists with training and manual development. Allistair’s interest in the changing face of employment in the aviation industry has motivated him to research how differences in millennials' attitudes toward work require different strategies to maximize productivity.  

Topic: Coaching for Performance in the Workplace - Susan van Unen - KF Aerospace

Bio:  Susan van Unen has 20+ years of experience in Human Resources. She has been employed at KF Aerospace in Kelowna, BC since 2011 and holds the position of Manager, Human Resources. Susan holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  

For the past 10 years Susan has focused on Organizational Development. Both on and off her regular job, Susan has been working as a Trainer, Advisor, Coach, and Facilitator developing and delivering tailored solutions in the areas of Leadership Development, Management Skills, Health & Wellness, Respect in the Workplace and Customer Service.  Susan has a very hands-on approach. Her participants need to bring the drive and desire to learn and grow; she will provide the tools and resources that can contribute to her participant’s individual goals. She feels passionate about continuous personal development both for herself as well as the people she works with. Her coaching supports leaders to continuously develop their potential and transform their visions into reality.  Coaching for performance in the workplace is about helping employees reach their full potential at work and in other areas of their life. It is about Managers and Employees collaborating to identify, target and plan for performance improvement.

TBA Gabriella Marsala / Air Georgian

             Topic: Online Skills Assessment, & Job Matching to the Right Candidate                    Leslie Hogan - Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) 

The current National projects and activities of the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace, among them the Student Work Integrated Learning Program, SWILP (wage subsidy opportunities available!); and the new CCAA Magnet Online Job Matching system focussed on Aviation & Aerospace.

Bio:  Project Manager Leslie Hogan has been with the CCAA for 7 years. Leslie has a background in technical research, business communications and management, and earned her B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Montreal in 1995. Supporting the Executive and Project teams, Leslie conducts research on industry demographics, aviation occupations, influential economic trends, and when required, specific companies, regulatory agencies and issues.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018:

    TOPIC:          PRESENTER:

 Topic: Civil Aviation Updates  -   Pierre Ruel  -  Transport Canada

Bio:  Pierre Ruel is the Chief of Flight Standards for Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation (TCCA).  Prior to joining TCCA, he served as an officer and pilot with the Canadian Forces (CF) and also performed the role of the Ottawa base manager for Ornge (Ontario’s air ambulance service).  He has over 3000 flying hours, of which 2500 hours were flown on the CF-18.  He obtained his Fighter Weapons Instructor qualification (FWIC) and he holds a Transport Canada Airline Transport Pilot License (Aeroplane).  His operational experience includes missions flown from the Aviano airbase in Italy: DELIBERATE FORGE (Bosnia – 1998) and ALLIED FORCE (Kosovo – 1999).  He also took part in operation NOBLE EAGLE with NORAD.

He has performed staff officer functions for Fighter Group, the 1 Canadian Air Division headquarters in Winnipeg, the North American Aerospace Command and US Northern Command headquarters in Colorado Springs, as well as the Canadian Forces Health Services Headquarters.  He served as Operations Officer at 5 Wing Goose Bay and had the privilege to command 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron and 3 Wing Bagotville.  His academic background includes an aviation diploma from the Chicoutimi College, the Command and Staff Course in Toronto and a Bachelor of Military Arts and Science with the Royal Military College.  While serving in the United States, he became a graduate of the Air War College of the United States Air Force Air University.

Transport Canada Airworthiness Panel with Jeff Phipps

Jeff will be providing a Headquarters Regulatory Update from an Operational Airworthiness perspective

Bio:  Jeff Phipps started his aviation career at a very young age flying with his father, Colin, who was a Commercial Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. In 1987 Jeff completed his basic training in Avionics Maintenance at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, and later completed Aircraft Mechanics basic training.  Jeff holds an AME licence with an E and M2 rating as well as an FAA A&P Certificate.  After working for several years as an AME, Shop Foreman, and Production Manager, Jeff joined the Airworthiness Branch of Transport Canada Civil Aviation as an Airworthiness Inspector in 1995. 

In 2001 Jeff was promoted to Chief, AME Licensing & Training within the Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing Branch and then held various Chief positions within that Branch. Following a major reorganization of Transport Canada in 2010, Jeff was transferred to his current position, Chief, Operational Airworthiness, within the Standards Branch.

TSB Watchlist with regards to aviation and TSB Investigation Report A15H0002, Air Canada 624 in Halifax, NS - Eric Vermette  

Bio: Eric Vermette joined the TSB in 2014 as a Regional Senior Investigator – Operations, for the Central Region and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He holds a current airline transport pilot's license and has accumulated over 5000 hours of flight time on various jet and propeller aircraft.  Prior to joining the TSB, Mr. Vermette worked for over 13 years in civil aviation including experience as a training pilot and as a check pilot. He also has over 5 years of experience as Chief Pilot in CAR 703, 704 and 705 operations. Mr. Vermette has flown in all parts of Canada and the USA and has extensive medevac flying experience. He has been the Regional Manager for the TSB’s Central Region since 2015.

Legislative and Regulatory Status Report from Ottawa  - John McKenna / ATAC

Ice Roads & Cargo Airships - State of the Technology & Opp for the North - Barry Prentice / MTO

 Topic: Economic Impact of General Aviation in Canada  -  Carter Mann  -  COPA

Bio:  Carter is the Manager of Government Affairs and Communications for COPA, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. Prior to joining COPA, he held various positions in senior cabinet ministers’ offices of the federal government as well as the Office of the Premier of British Columbia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of British Columbia, where he graduated from in 2012. Carter is a licensed pilot with ratings for Single and Multi-engine aircraft, floats, and gliders. He and his wife own and fly a 1985 Nanchang CJ-6A.

 Topic: The Importance of a Health and Safety Program - Dan Montagnon - Safety Services Manitoba

Bio:  Dan is a Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC), National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO), Construction Safety Officer (CSO) and has a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (COHS) from the University of New Brunswick. His areas of expertise include fall protection, overhead crane, rigging and powered mobile equipment. Today Dan will discuss the importance of a Health and Safety Program.

Small Airports Panel Craig Skonberg, Brett Barnowich, Curtis Ross, James Lindsey

The Triangle of Success: Interpersonal Skills & Attitudes   Rob McIntyre

King Air General Technical Review  Robert Horne / Textron Aviation Inc.

 Topic: Flight Crew Resource Management and Decision Making  -  Bill Grassick

Bio:  William Grassick currently works as an aviation consultant and has worked in aviation for over 50 years. The last 19 years he has worked with 702, 703, 704 and 705 air operators and maintenance organizations doing audits, developing programs, manuals, training and assisting with Transport Canada related issues.

Pratt & Whitney R985  - Wayne Cathers - Aero Recip

Aero Recip is proud to host R985 Training Sessions in Canada and Alaska. This is a multi-media, two-way exchange between Aero Recip and session attendees. Aero Recip focuses on P&W R985 engine theory and maintenance. The session is accompanied by an operational cutaway-engine training-aid and references to real world experiences. Each participant receives an R985 Technical Theory & Maintenance Certificate, which features 8 hours of training, and a session handout highlighted by PowerPoint presentation slides with excerpts from the P&W R985 Overhaul Manual.

Bio:  Wayne Cathers is the class instructor and brings a depth of knowledge and experience to each session. Drawing on his background as a Tool and Die Maker in the Plastic Injection moulding industry, Wayne Cathers joined Aero Recip in 1991 as a Machinist. In 2004 he moved to the Horizontal Engine Build Line and then to the Engine Test Department where he gained experience building, running and troubleshooting both horizontally opposed and radial engines. In addition, Wayne has spent a combined 9 years as Person Responsible for Maintenance (Director of Maintenance) and Technical Advisor.  

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